General features of control Panel 3L-AP

体育app万博体育 www.568daohang.com ?? Precision to locate leak location:+/- 1 m or +/- 0.5%

?? Display:LCD with black light- 2 x 14 characters(Blue background with white characters)

?? Sound Alarm:90 dB max. buzzer with silencing button

?? System Reset:One single push button for testing/ resetting the system ( hold down buzzer button for 6sec)

?? Failsafe Operation:Ability to operate in loop installation and ability to detect/locate liquid leakage

?? during cable break

?? Time to detect leak/cable break:4 seconds typical

?? liquid leak detection data:Typically 20mm in length of liquid( such as tape water)in full contact with sensing cable

?? Optional:Modbus TCP, Remote supervision by RS485 and analog output 4-20mA interface