General features of control panel 3L-DP

体育app万博体育 www.568daohang.com ?? Maximum accumulated length of sensing cable:180m

?? Maximum accumulated length of jumpercable: 300m

?? Precision to locate leak location:+/- 1m or +/- 0.5%

?? Failsafe Operation:Ability to operate in loop installation Ability to detect/locate liquid leakage during cable break

?? Time to detect Leak/Cable break: 3 seconds typical

?? Liquid leak detection data: Typically 20mm in length of liquid (such as tap water) in full contact?with sensing cable

?? Optional:Remote supervision by RS-485 Modbus

?? Additional feature:Multi-leak detection and location capability and ASIC-based digital location principle ( patent pending) with inherent temperature stability, zero-drift and very low power consumption